2018 Subdivision and Land Developments

Application  Description of Project Development Status
2018-01-DP  Ivy Prep Academy: Preliminary/Final Land Development Application to construct a 16,000 sqft. day care facility for a maximum of 180 students.   Approved
2018-02-SD 15 Frame Avenue: Preliminary/Final Subdivision application for the creation of one (1) new residential lot and the construction of one (1) new single-family detached home. The existing historic structure will be retained and restored as part of this proposal. The application recently received approval from the Zoning Hearing Board for a dimensional variance from §200-22.C and §200 Attachment 2 to allow relief from the maximum number of units (2.0) per developable acre. The property is within the R-2 (Residential) District.
2018-03-DP Loch Aerie: Preliminary/Final Land Development application to construct a +4,750 s.f. addition to an existing historic structure for use as a banquet hall and wedding venue. The site is accessed through the adjacent Home Depot property and will be served by on-site parking, stormwater management, and internal walkways. The property, located at 700 Lancaster Avenue, is within the ROC (Regionally-Oriented Commercial) District. Approved
2018-04-DP Flat Road: Proposed thirty-seven (37) lot cluster subdivision along Flat Road adjacent to Wilburdale Road. The development was previously approved under the R-1 zoning. 

2018-05-DP Haym Saloman: Application to construct pedestrian and vehicular improvements, as well as various accessory structures/buildings, throughout the existing cemetery. The applicant is seeking a recommendation from the Planning Commission to the Board of Supervisors to authorize a waiver from the Land Development review process in order to allow the proposal to be reviewed as a Grading, Erosion Control, and Stormwater Permit Plan. The property, located at 200 Moores Road, is within the C (Cemeteries) district.  Approved
2018-07-CU Highway Materials Driveway: Conditional Use application which seeks approval to permit a driveway through areas of steep slope and very steep slope (within rights-of-way) in accordance with Sections §200-57(E) and §200-57(F). The property, located at 680 North Morehall Road, is within the I (Industrial) zoning district. Approved
2018-08-CU  Flat Road: Conditional Use application pursuant to §200-26.F, which states that “in a development undertaken pursuant to the provisions for cluster development, the maximum permitted tract density may be increased by 25% above the respective district maximum density per developable acre for cluster development, as outlined in §200-20.” This provision is pursued relative to the preservation of the historic resource (cemetery) located at the northeast corner of the site. This Application is associated with Subdivision & Land Development Application 2018-04-DP, which seeks to construct forty-seven (47) new single-family detached homes utilizing cluster/open space design provisions. The property, located at 60 Flat Road, is within the R-1 (Residential) zoning district. Withdrawn
2018-09-DP Atwater Commercial Lot: Amended Final Land Development Application which proposes a +2,778 s.f. bank with drive-through on Lot 3 of the Atwater Commercial Complex. The property, located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Morehall Road (S.R. 0029) and South Atwater, is within the O/BPS (Office Business Park Services) District and the Turnpike Interchange Overlay District. Approved
2018-10-SD HP Flanagan/ Bacton Way: Preliminary Subdivision & Land Development application for the construction of six (6) new single-family detached homes utilizing cluster/open space design provisions. Each home will be served by individual driveways from the existing public streets. The properties, located at the intersection of N. Bacton Hill, Spring Valley, and Conestoga Roads, are within the R-1 (Residential) District. Approved
2018-11-CU GMH Apartment / Frazer Lane Redevelopment: Conditional Use application for the construction of 227 apartment units, structured and surface parking, and streetscape amenities. The proposal involves the redevelopment of an existing bowling alley and mobile home park. The properties, located at 548 – 560 Lancaster Avenue, are within the FC (Frontage Commercial) and Multifamily Route 30 Overlay District. This proposal will be subject to a Conditional Use hearing process by the Board of Supervisors. Approved
2018-13-DP Old Orchard Mobile Home Park Expansion: Preliminary / Final Land Development plan to expand an existing mobile home park for the placement of eleven (11) additional mobile homes, along with modifications to the existing entranceways and drive aisle configurations, landscaping, and streetscape improvements. The properties, located at 476 Lancaster Avenue, are within the FC (Frontage Commercial) Zoning District. Approved
2018-15/2018-26-CU Crown Castle: Conditional Use applications which requests approvals in accordance with Section 202-92.C of the East Whiteland Township Zoning Ordinance to install twelve (12) utility poles with attached wireless communication facilities, including an antenna and shroud box, within the public rights-of-way. The poles, along with cylindrical shaped antennas on the top of the poles, vary between 32’8” and 50’ in height. Three such installations are proposed within the right-of-way of 225 Phoenixville Pike, and single installations are proposed within the rights-of-way of 21 Moores Road, 5 Lee Boulevard, 8 Lee Boulevard, 77 Great Valley Parkway, 195 Great Valley Parkway, 49 Great Valley Parkway, 275 Great Valley Parkway, 16 Great Valley Parkway, and 3 Great Valley Parkway. Approved
2018-27-SD Shirtz Farm: Amended Final Subdivision Plans to create thirteen (13) new lots for the construction of 13 new single-family detached dwellings, and the retention of one (1) existing home and barn, for a total of 14 total homes. The plan, which received Final approval in September of 2014, has been revised to indicate a low pressure sewer system in place of a gravity system (as previously approved) along with adjustments to stormwater management. Otherwise the plan is “substantially the same layout and design” as the previously approved plan. The property, located at 110 Sproul Road, is within the R-2 (Residential) Zoning District. Approved
2018-28-CU  Linden Hall: Conditional Use application which seeks approval to convert an existing “vanilla shell” building into multifamily residential (apartment) building containing ten (10) units. The proposed units would be a mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments served by existing surface parking spaces. There are no significant modifications to the existing building or site design as compared to the previously approved Conditional Use and Land Development plans, which had proposed that the historic resource would be restored as a commercial office. The property, located at 433 East Lancaster Avenue, is within the VMX (Village Mixed Use) Zoning District. Withdrawn
2018-29-LD  GMH Apartment / Frazer Laner Redevelopment: Preliminary / Final Land Development application for the construction of 227 apartment units; interior courtyard; structured and surface parking; streetscape amenities; and stormwater management. The proposal involves the redevelopment of an existing bowling alley and mobile home park. The properties, located at 548 – 560 Lancaster Avenue, are within the Frontage Commercial (FC) and Multifamily Route 30 Overlay District.  Approved
2018-30-DP Exeter / Great Valley Parkway: Preliminary / Final Land Development Application to modify the existing parking lot and internal driveway configuration to increase parking and expand truck circulation & loading areas. The property, located at 9-25 Great Valley Parkway, is within the O/BP (Office/Business Park) zoning district. Approved