Open Space & Trails Committee


The committee will be meeting as needed.


  • Chuck Barbera
  • Tim Phelps
  • Kristin Thomas

About the Committee

The Open Space & Trails Committee was created by the Board of Supervisors to develop a process to help identify potential open-space properties and trails.  It will also work with the Board of Supervisors and township administration to develop procedures to acquire and maintain open space and trails.  At its onset, the Committee will meet with the Township’s Planning and Building Committee, comprised of the Solicitor, one member of the Board of Supervisors, one member of the Planning Commission and several staff members.  As open space and trail acquisition projects are initially legal transactions negotiated with developers or property owners, the Solicitor will advise the Township on process and negotiations.  It is important to note that the Park and Recreation Board continues to have responsibility for the development and operation of township parks for recreational purposes.