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East Whiteland Township
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 Welcome to East!

East Whiteland Township, located about 20 miles west of the City of Philadelphia, in east-central Chester County, is a family-oriented community with a strong economic base. With a resident population of 10,650 the daily population grows to over 23,000 as commuters travel to their places of employment within the township. Four major highways, Routes 29, 30, 401 and 202, intersect the township and a new "all electronic" interchange with the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Route 29  is now open.  Mailing addresses associated with East Whiteland include Malvern, Frazer and a small area of Exton.

Home to the Great Valley Corporate Center, we also serve as U.S headquarters to several national and international firms including Cerner Corporation (formally Siemens Health Services), Vishay, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Ellucian Higher Education, and Janssen Biotech (formerly Centocor) as well as home to numerous smaller businesses and retail shops.

The Township is part of the Great Valley School District which provides outstanding public education to the children of East Whiteland, Willistown and Charlestown townships and Malvern Borough. East Whiteland hosts the middle and senior schools as well as the K. D. Markley elementary school.



West Nile Virus in Chester County 
by Latta White
 6/30/2015 8:26 AM
Planebrook Partners - Celia Tract 
by Maureen Perri
 6/29/2015 12:22 PM
GV School Dist. Realignment Election Districts 
by Maureen Perri
 6/29/2015 11:22 AM
Special Road Detour information 
by Latta White
 6/25/2015 7:21 AM
Routes 401 and 202 
by Latta White
 6/25/2015 7:19 AM
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West Nile Virus in Chester County 
by Latta White
 6/30/2015 8:26 AM
Planebrook Partners - Celia Tract 
by Maureen Perri
 6/29/2015 12:22 PM
GV School Dist. Realignment Election Districts 
by Maureen Perri
 6/29/2015 11:22 AM
Special Road Detour information 
by Latta White
 6/25/2015 7:21 AM
Routes 401 and 202 
by Latta White
 6/25/2015 7:19 AM
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 Friends of the Summer Stage

See the Parks and Recreations Section for full size poster


740/ East Whiteland 2
FROM: East Whiteland Fire Hall 170 Planebrook Rd
TO: Great Valley School District Administration Building, 47 Church Rd

745/East Whiteland 3
FROM: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 404 Lancaster Ave
TO: Covenant Community Life Center, 384 Lancaster Ave

 Community Calendar

7/1/2015 7:30 PM   Historical Commission 
7/2/2015 7:30 PM   Environmental Advisory Council 
7/3/2015 8:00 AM   Independence Day Observed - CLOSED 
7/8/2015 7:00 PM   Board of Supervisors 
7/9/2015 7:30 PM   Comprehensive Plan Task Force 
7/15/2015 7:00 PM   Park & Recreation Board 
7/16/2015 7:00 PM   Municipal Authority 
7/22/2015 7:30 PM   Planning Commission  
7/27/2015 7:15 PM   Zoning Hearing Board  
8/5/2015 7:30 PM   Historical Commission 
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 Small Business Survey

The East Whiteland Township Board of Supervisors wants to better understand the needs of small businesses in our Township and wants your input.  We would like to know how we can make the township more attractive for small businesses and what we should focus on going forward. 

By "small business" we mean the "mom and pop" shops where:
   - there are less than 100 employees;
   - the business is locally owned and operated; and
   - the business is the full-time occupation of the owner.

If you meet these criteria, we urge you to share your opinions in this short survey.  Provide your email and be entered to win an iPad.  It should take less than 10 minutes to complete and your feedback is critical to our efforts. Your answers will be used to inform the Township's Comprehensive Plan, a strategic policy and action plan that guides Township decisions on land use, transportation, housing, and economic development over the next ten years. 

Thank you for your participation! :SMALL BUSINESS SURVEY

 Special Police Information

June 24, 2015


            Police departments across the county have been experiencing day time residential burglaries and East Whiteland Township has one reported incident. The burglaries are typically committed between 7am and noon, after the actor believes people have left for work.

            The actor is described as an African American Male, 6’00” to 6’02”, with a “construction worker’s build”, short buzzed hair or possibly bald in his late 30s to early 40s. He typically has worn dark clothing, long pants and long shirt, work gloves and tan boots.

            He is operating a black SUV with heavily tinted windows. During most incidents, the actor parks in the victim’s driveway. He then attempts to determine if the homeowner is home by knocking on the front door. After receiving no answer, the actor will then force entry into the residence. In multiple instances, the actor has forced entry into a residence that he believed was unoccupied which has resulted in confrontations with the homeowner.

            Based on the method in which the actor first knocks on the front door of a residence before forcing entry, police believe there are county residents who may have had contact with the suspect. The suspect may have fabricated a story as to why he was knocking at the door if a homeowner answers. Police are asking anyone who has had contact with the suspect or seen the suspect, to contact East Whiteland Detectives at 610-647-2100 or email

            East Whiteland Police also want to remind County residents to be vigilant and careful if a stranger is knocking at their door. If they appear suspicious, call police. If a vehicle is involved, please attempt to obtain a license plate without putting themselves at risk.

 Comprehensive Plan Survey

Township Comprehensive Plan Survey - Residents and Businesses, please take some time to do a short survey on the Township's Comprehensive plan. The survey should only take approximately 10 minutes, provide your email address and you could win an Ipad

  The Results are in

 Potholes Fixes

To report Potholes in Roadways, Call PENNDOT's Toll Free # 1-800-FIX-ROAD. All numbered roads (i.e. RT 401, 29, 30, 202, 352 ) are state roads as is Swedesford Rd and Phoenixville Pike. Most roads in developments are Township Roads

 Area Road Construction Projects

More information on road construction projects in the area including RT 202 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike can be found here

 Quick Links

  2013 Fee Schedule
  Taxes & Assessments
  Township Directory
  Online Township Code
  2009 Open Records Resolution
  2009 Open Records Policies & Procedures
  Open Records Fee Schedule
  Stormwater Management
  PA Attorney General Home Improvement Contractor Search
  Malvern Patch
  Right to Know request form
  Social Security Administration Website
  Sign-up to Receive Emergency Text Alerts From
  Friends of East Whiteland Fire & Ambulance
  Chester County Dog License Application
  2014 Application for Soliciting
  Soliciting Ordinance
  Chester County Pipeline information
  Park and Recreation Plan (2003)
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 Today's Date, Time & Weather

Municipal Building
209 Conestoga Rd
Frazer, PA 19355

P: 610.648.0600
F: 610.648.0388

Office Hours:
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday



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