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Valley Creek Park


  1. Amphitheater
  2. Grill
  3. Parking
  4. Pavilion
  5. Playground
  6. Restrooms
  7. Tennis Court
  8. Trails

Valley Creek Park provides 35 acres of woodlands, open space and natural trails along the Valley Creek. The park boasts four tennis courts, a pavilion, pedestal grills, extensive nature trails and a playground for younger children. Restroom facilities are available. Recent renovations included the reconstruction of the parking facility and an amphitheater to enable the Township to hold summer concerts. Another recent addition is a handicapped accessible fishing pier.

During the months of May and June, 2020, the tennis courts got a new look! Repairs were made to any cracks that existed and the playing area has been resurfaced and painted.  In addition to that, new posts and nets have also been installed.

When enjoying the tennis courts, we ask you to adhere to the following rules as you do:

  • Social distancing is required
  • Avoid contact when possible
  • Organized and league use will require a permit from the Township
The aforementioned work was completed by Nicholas Construction.