Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Update


What is a Zoning Ordinance?

The Zoning Ordinance is one of our most important tools for shaping East Whiteland Township's future, guiding growth, and realizing our community's vision. Zoning helps us manage development, stimulate redevelopment, conserve natural resources, preserve historic resources, ensure safe transportation, and provide housing for all income levels. Zoning sets rules for land use, building heights and setbacks, and the extent and character of development, parking, and signage.

Ensuring East Whiteland's Zoning Ordinance is current and consistent with the community's vision is especially important as our community redevelops and evolves with demographic and market shifts. Ordinances that are outdated or do not align with the community's needs may limit our influence over the Township's future development.

Updating the Township's Zoning Ordinances     

The East Whiteland Township Zoning Ordinance was adopted in 1966 and has been amended over the years. Through a grant from the Chester County Vision Partnership Program* and a cash match from the Township, we are working with planning consultants Bergmann (now Colliers Engineering and Design) and FHI Studio to prepare a comprehensive update to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map. The Township's existing Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map will be used as the basis for a complete ordinance update. The updated Zoning Ordinance will be a tool to support the implementation of previous planning efforts, including the Comprehensive Plan (2016), Route 30 Corridor Master Plan (2018), and Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (2022). It will also comply with the requirements for a Zoning Ordinance, as prescribed by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.

How can you get involved?

Nobody knows the Township better than you. We need the input of residents, businesses, property owners, and all our community stakeholders to ensure the Zoning Ordinance addresses and reflects the needs and desires of the community. Our consultants are leading a community engagement approach that includes many ways to stay informed and involved throughout the entire update process: 

Zoning Ordinance Task Force Meetings

The consultants will facilitate meetings throughout the process with the Zoning Ordinance Task Force, made up of the Planning Commission and Township staff members. We will discuss community issues and goals, solicit feedback and guidance on draft zoning concepts, and discuss the community engagement process and results.

Meetings of the Zoning Ordinance Task Force are open to anyone who would like to attend. The next Zoning Ordinance Task Force meeting is TBD at East Whiteland Township Municipal Building (209 Conestoga Road).

Click here for Task Force Meeting Summaries

Public Workshops

We will hold three public workshops at strategic phases in the process. Our first Public Workshop was held at the Township Municipal Building on January 30, 2024. At this workshop, you will have the opportunity to learn about the zoning update process and share your thoughts on input and preferences related to redevelopment, housing, building and site design, streetscapes, parking, bikeability, and walkability.


Stakeholder Meetings

Community organizations are great resources for soliciting feedback and disseminating information. They will play an essential role in ensuring that the interests of key stakeholders and interest groups are appropriately represented. The consultants are currently working with the Township staff to identify stakeholders and schedule meetings with stakeholders at strategic steps in the process.

Please check this site often for updates, meeting notices, and new information.

Questions? Please call the Township Department of Planning and Development at 610-648-0600 or email


*This project is partly funded by the Chester County Vision Partnership Program. The VPP is available to Chester County municipalities to improve their planning programs while achieving consistency with and implementation of the goals, objectives, recommendations, and map of Landscapes3.

VPP Grant Awarded $50,000 | Total Project Cost $115,000


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