2017 Subdivision and Land Developments

Development Site Plan
Development Description
Development Status
Proposed construction of 228 Townhomes in the RRD Residential Revitalization District at the location of the 
former Bishop Tube site.

Plan amendment to the existing Atwater commercial project replacing the previously
 proposed hotel, with a 13,200 sf Charter School, with associated parking and play area. The property is zoned Office Business Park Services/Turnpike Overlay District.

Under Review
Conditional use application to permit a charter school (educational use) in the Office Business Park Services/ Turnpike Overlay District Overlay.

Under Review
Plan amendment to a previously approved land development application proposing 42 new single family homes and the restoration of an existing historic structure. The property is zoned R-1 Residential. 

Under Review
Conditional Use application proposing an office use in the R-1 Residential District in a historical resource structure. 
Under Review