Historical Sites

  1. General Warren Inn

    Built by George Ashton, a prominent member of St. Peter’s Church, General Warren Inn was owned by the Penn family at the time of the American Revolution.

  2. Gunkle Spring Mill

    Gunkle Spring Mill is a nationally registered historical resource.

  3. Lapp Log House

    The house, built in 1700, continues as a residence today.

  4. Lock Aerie

    William Lockwood, a successful Philadelphia manufacturer, acquired the property in 1863.

  5. Malin Hall

    The Continental Army general used Malin Hall as his headquarters the night of September 15, 1777.

  6. St. Peter's Church in the Great Valley

    The church originally was built with logs in 1710.

  7. Three Bottles Tavern

    Built in 1720, the tavern is a private residence today.

  8. Wayne Tavern

    This tavern later was called Linden Hall for the row of Linden trees that stood in front.

  9. White Horse Tavern

    Established in 1721, the White Horse Tavern was built along Swedesford Road - the oldest road in the state.

  10. William Latta House

    This house, also known as the Long Pull Farm, traces its original construction to 1729.