Zoning Hearing Board


  • Regularly scheduled for the 4th Monday of each month. The meetings are open to the general public and begin promptly at 7:15 p.m.


Agendas are available prior to the meetings. 
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  • David Hesson, Chair
  • Karen Milner
  • Kathleen Laubenstein 
  • Jay Levin (Alt)

About the Board

The Zoning Hearing Board is a 3-member appeals board, with two alternates, appointed by the Board of Supervisors for staggered, 3-year terms.

The Zoning Hearing Board hears applications for:
  • Special exceptions
  • Nonconforming uses
  • Variance requests
It also hears appeals of decisions made by the zoning officer.

Applications & Appeals

The Board gathers facts by taking testimony and by reviewing evidence from affected parties at public hearings. It is charged with the legal responsibility of approving or denying applications and appeals.

In rendering a decision, the Board considers all testimony, presented under oath at public hearings, and evaluates an application's impact on the community. When necessary, the Board can require special stipulations in allowing special exceptions and variances.

After hearing an application or an appeal, the Zoning Hearing Board must, by law, make a decision within 45 days.

Zoning Ordinance

The Board interprets, but does not set, the zoning ordinance. The zoning ordinance and any revisions are prepared by the Planning Commission and adopted by the Board of Supervisors following a public hearing. The zoning ordinance was last adopted in February 2007.